December 31, 2012

My Best of 2012

Best: Cabin in The Woods - The movie that surprised me more than anything else this year, Cabin in The Woods is truly unlike anything ever made before it and gushes with imagination.
Runner-Up: Moonrise Kingdom: Wes Anderson delivered a movie at the level of Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums.
Honorable Mention: The Avengers - Unlike another comic book movie released, finally hit the nerve my 12-year old self knew pouring through comics, where its not always the action, its watching those classic characters in their actual long-perfected forms interact.

Best: Veep - This show’s pitch-perfect tone and characters sucked me in from the first scene and I ate the first season in a weekend. Veep says more about the state of politics in one season than a full year of MSNBC, all without using a single real policy or person.
Runner-Up: Sherlock - Each episode is a mind-melting mini-movie that even 90 minutes isn’t long enough.
Honorable Mention: Breaking Bad/Doctor Who - Both spent 2012 in incredible, but halved seasons. 2013 is looking to be a strong year for TV already.

Video Games
Best: The Walking Dead - If you like video games or not, this game is something you have to experience as it is the future of games and maybe even tv/movies in general. With writing better than the tv show, it throws decision after decision at you and for the first time ever, they really matter down the road.
Runner-Up: Diablo 3 - Because this game finally released, I nearly played no-other game this year.
Honorable Mention: Mass Effect 3- Say what you will about it, Mass Effect is video games first true epic trilogy where characters’ journeys pay off in a fully realized world.

Web Series
Best: I Hate Being Single - The proof that an indie episodic web series can have equal footing with almost any comedy on tv if the story, humor, and heart are there. I just want more. Did I mention it has brilliant nods to Ninja Turtles and The Muppets Take Manhattan?!
Runner-Up: A Simple Walk Into Mordor - real fans of a book/movie make a web series that is so much more than fan fiction or discussion around it.
Honorable Mention: Daily Grace - it’s Grace and its daily. Unbelievable.

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